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Pung Jeong. Gak(風精.刻) series, a site-specific dance film project to revive the city space by the director/choreographer Joowon Song. Pung (風) means a wind that directs us to a certain coordinate of the geography and time. Jeong(精) means a emotion and soul that hide within the wind, Gak(刻) means a mark those winds leave in the city corner to connect people and influence them.

This film pays attention to the forgotten culture in the urban life and the urban sight focusing on the space of cityscape where the stories have been told for a long time. 

On these roads, people would listen to 'what stories were told, were being told, what stories you want to tell.' This performance which collects fragments of memories and time engraved in urban alleyways is not about inner reflection or calm actions of retrospection. Rather, it is performed in the manner of considering the narratives embedded in various spots of current alleys and of calling upon past signs fragmented and disappeared due to scars of life.We reminisce the memories we have lost through the movement and connect the memories of olden days and today to find values we have lost.

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