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풍정.각風情.刻 part. 5

Transitional Justice

@ Meinblau, Berlin


2015.11.19 / 11.29


Meinblau, Berlin



Performer: Joowon Song, Arim Jung, Hyun Son

Film: Chansook Choi

Costume: Gyonginn Kim

Music: Sungeun Jin

Space Advisory: Ido Shin

The subject of <PungJeong.Gak_part. 5> is about moving including both immigration and emigration. Interview from immigrants, emigrants becomes the motif and overlaps into one point that speaks in monologue form. Each story and situation is transformed to physical language through choreographic structures in listening, writing, speaking, reproduction and defamilarization that exposes each step of transition period of contemporary era. Emigrants, immigrants and other nomads will tell “how we have been living, speaking and what we want to do” through this work in Meinblau and we will ask again, “then, what your story is”. Through the performance that narrates each individual nomad’s life, this work suggests the discussion about how we can define the personal transition. We kindly invite you to the space with white wall, grey ground and clearstory window and the atmosphere surrounded by performer’s voice, aerial playing of handpan.

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